Welcome to Pioneer

A unique telehealth solution which​ connects you to a bespoke team of wound care ​specialists with unrivalled expertise.​
– free up and optimise nursing capacity,
– up-skill your staff,
– achieve improved healing outcomes, and
– enable you to maintain routine essential services.

Welcome to Pioneer
Not enough time

The challenge of not enough hours in the day is a reality​ for NHS staff and something somewhere always must give.​ Too often it is those patients with wounds and swelling

The world of the NHS is being turned upside down,​ not only because of the impact of winter pressures, ​lack of staff and COVID backlogs, but because amidst ​all this challenge and change, there is simply no time to think.​ The bare facts stare us in the face every day:​ people are living longer, living with frailty ​or living with multiple lifelong conditions ​and many of these people have chronic wounds, ​lower limb conditions and swelling, ​all of which exacerbate the problem. ​Even with the best will in the world, ​the fact is you just can’t get to them all.​



Pioneer Solution
‘…. quality improvement is rooted in population and person-centred care whilst at the same time addressing inequalities and variations in care’


The Pioneer solution is a very simple one: we give you breathing space and capacity whilst managing a
defined population cohort digitally on your behalf.
The real benefit is that we do this using clinical specialists only to ensure we have the best possible route to delivering significantly improved healing rates and to ensure we can support you as you redefine your working processes.

To make this opportunity more attractive for you we offer our digital telehealth solution at a fixed price for
a defined period: this avoids project creep and enables you to plan financially and reassure staff that their futures are safe.

Read our most recent testimonials and then contact us for further information. Pioneer could be the answer to what you need right now. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your local challenges then call us on +44 (0)7977 463535.

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Pioneer Wound Telehealth adds specialist clinics for wound healing and lymphoedema to their delivery model with the acquisition of Healogics in the UK…

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